We're arranging appropriate vessels to the charterers in time who is plan to carry out plant cargoes from SE Asian countries including Vietnam, Malaysia, China, etc.

Our amicable Owners or operators mainly in Korean, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, European ports & Australia fully entrust and support us to achieve successful transaction at any times.


We have a close relationship with one of the prominent plant cargo importers in

Japan for a long periods as our main charterer as well as consignee which they

have been transporting project cargoes from Indonesia, Vietnam, India, China, Korea, European ports, etc., correspond to approximately 100,000 freight tons

annually and we’re arranging vessels for almost their importing cargo under our

full responsibility.

Since were also maintaining good relationship with shippers of Vietnam & China

& Korea, we're gaining their utmost support enabling us to accomplish quick turnaround at loading port.

In addition, we're exclusively arranging vessels for other leading trading companies

which they're importing/exporting project cargoes from/to Japan and worldwide about 100,000-200,000 freight tons in annual.